The Cabaret Cabaret: The Quick & Dirty Version

27 April 2013 at 1619 W. 16th St., Chicago, IL 60608

Once upon a time, The Cabaret Cabaret took place in living rooms and basements. Cigarettes were taken on the back porch and conversations in the kitchen. Collin Pressler wrote his set list on the back of an old greeting card or napkin as Cassidy Stock could be seen fixing Nachos for the guests. Kiam Marcelo Junio did his makeup in the restroom, and Dove Drury Hornbuckle unpacked suitcases full of lavishly patterned ropes and ribbons in the foyer where Joshua Roginsky could be seen on the couch finishing his words in the few minutes before showtime. And then came Chelsey with a shopping cart full of ethnic foods. We still remember the sound it made on the cracked Pilsen sidewalk. There was a unique energy to the early days of Anatomy/Gift/Association’s The Cabaret Cabaret. Its quickness, its chaos and its vitality. For this show, we sought to bring a little bit of that back- for old times’ sake. A/G/A hosted The Cabaret Cabaret at Fancy House: A/G/A headquarters and the venue of its origins in Pilsen.

This event featured performance work by Dove Drury Hornbuckle, Cassidy Stock, Joshua Roginsky, Collin Pressler, Jacqueline Friedberg, Chelsey Sprengeler, Poy Born and Tyler Lumm.

Cabaret Cabaret Quick & Dirty


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