Who we are…

Collin Pressler, co-founder, is a writer and arts facilitator living and working in Chicago, IL.

Joshua Roginsky, co-founder, is a Chicago based artist working in a variety of mediums (i.e. mostly writing and performance) and emphasizing a chaos and lack of control inherent to lived experience. His work has been called confusing, disruptive and unnecessary. Roginsky has worked and studied in Portland, OR, Tucson and Phoenix, AZ, where he directed the independent print operation Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus Rex, which published Phoenix area periodicals TheLine: Art and Culture, and Go East, Young Man!  Roginsky currently oversees Anatomy/Gift/Association’s print and publication division.

Cassidy Stock has been describes as living an “avant garde lifestyle as a landscaper of the subconscience.” Since 2004, she has participated in an produced a range of performative phenomena in both large and small-scale media, intended to astound and bore. Stock grew up feeling intense anxiety speaking in class, equating it to audience participation. She deeply believes in The Zen, Christmas & thievery of attractive personality traits. Stock utilizes the science of judicial empathy as a rite of socio-generative reciprocity. She does not cull from clerical errors, late Edo stonewares, or vacillating political platforms. She was born with seriously maligning nonconformity that has only benefited her performance work.

Kiam Marcelo Junio is a multidisciplinary artist living in Chicago, IL. He works in multiple media including photography, video, printmaking, installation, burlesque, and performance art. His research and art work centers around queer identities, racial and gender studies, The Filipino Diaspora, post-colonialist Asian-American tropes and stereotypes, international camp and drag culture, and military and civilian power dynamics. Kiam served seven years in the US Navy. He was born in the Philippines and has lived in the US, Japan, and Spain. He is also know as Jerry Blossom, a performative alter-ego, and performs in various queer parties and art events around Chicago. He is also a yoga teacher.

Chelsey Sprengeler is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance and sculpture. Her art deals with the exposure of systems ranging from everyday gestures to institutionalized power structures, and of socializations taken for granted. Working from her specific body politic, she infiltrates behavior and norms to highlight and deconstruct these forms of power. Through the problematizing of identity, with its personal and cultural constructions, she seeks out the interstices between comfortability and the uncanny, the safe and the transgressive. But she also doesn’t avoid the terrifying didactic when action can be made. Exploring borders and social policy of class, her art can never be apolitical, even amidst the most personal of moments. That said, she finds herself lately making “woman art”, will all the merit and distaste the term exudes, because “we aren’t there yet…”

Dover Drury-Hornbuckle (quote) “I believe in my role of artist as multifaceted projection of sincere creative expression and as an articulation of ego. Self takes form as alchemist, jester, priest and masquerader. To be inspired by the senses, to feel the natural ecstatic states and to be humble and to give away one’s vulnerability and create is an act of magic. I believe one must dedicate themselves to art making and truly live through their own prophecy in order to manifest a prolific actual reality. My selves form organically from imaginative fantasies, daydreams, and beatific witnesses to nature, peoples and the Great Spirit. I am curiously drawn to the nuances of human behavior, societal interactions, and the perceptions one has of their own mortal form. It was in my own struggle for acceptance of identity  truth in flesh, realization of being that have created exterior realms to exist idiosyncratic characteristics.”

Jacqueline Friedberg is a painter and musician living and working in Chicago, IL. Her work has been exhibited in Chicago and Los Angeles, CA.


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